Who we are

Founder and Principal also of Openspace Architecture, famous architectural Firm especially for the West Coast style


Founder and Principal also of Openspace Architecture, famous architectural Firm especially for the West Coast style, Don has a passion for the product design and he’s focused in achieving the clients’ vision, with an active listening, understanding, inquiring, value-based and committed to an integrity of contextual appropriateness. His strong technical expertise and his sophisticated taste, are a reliable skills for the development of every kind of project



We are architects, designers and enthusiasts workers who like to design high quality and innovative products. Eleven Stories works both in Canada and in Europe, with numerous partnerships with many famous companies.

Italian Architect specialized in Industrial Design


Italian Architect specialized in Industrial Design, with 18 years of experience and hundreds of projects developed in different fields (furniture, product design, industrial and agricultural machines, leisure vehicles, etc.) he moved to Vancouver a couple of years ago. Passionate and intuitive, he loves to follow the projects along the entire process of development, from the concept to the engineering and the creation of 3D virtual models, also using different technologies and materials.

What we do


The concept of a new product it’s always a great challenge, that we face with enthusiasm and determination. Aestetic, functionality, technology and costs are important factors for the development of a successful project, that we consider carefully starting from the first steps of the project.


Through the creation of accurate 3D models, we transform ideas into real products, evaluating different technologies and materials, dialoguing with internal technical representatives and external suppliers, to find the best solution in terms of performance, quality and costs.


The 3D models designed can be easily transformed into real objects in a few days, for both aesthetic and technical evaluation. With the latest generation of rapid prototyping machines, it is possible to obtain objects with the same mechanical characteristics of the final product.


A Proper communication of a new product is a primary factor for the success on the market. We support our customers (directly, or working together with company’s suppliers and team) through an analysis of the communication’s language and the creation of media such as brochures, web sites, catalogs, to transfer to the customers the real worth of the products.

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